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The moments in between the moments are where real life happens. They are the grit and the unpolished. The emotional smile that comes after the camera clicks is the one I want on film. The child playing in a sprinkler as soft words are spoken in front of a crowd of friends and the hang time right before someone splashes into a frigid river. I know the things I witness are only one perspective on a wedding day. And they are captured visually which eliminates the smells, sounds, tastes and all the other sensations that go into creating our memories. Capturing the moments I see with my camera is the most honest and only way I know to tell a wedding story. And for those who were there, I hope the pictures I take help conjure up a recollection of what they saw and how they remember.


Feel free to contact me anytime regarding engagement and wedding photography in and around San Luis Obispo or any other destination. Read on to see what some of my former clients have to say about their wedding photography experience.


"Jonathan Roberts at Bluephoto Wedding Photography was one of the most amazing parts of our wedding. Just by looking at his pictures on his gallery we knew we had to have him. After meeting him, we were confident we had made the right choice. Not only is he totally professional and incredibly talented, he is the most easy going, nicest and welcoming person. He made us feel instantly comfortable during our engagement session and after a couple of hours we literally felt we had a new amazing friend. Not only does he capture beautiful moments you would never know you had, he captures you in a way you never knew you looked. He pays attention to detail not only on camera but also when he converses with you, noticing and remembering small but important comments you make so he actually gets to know you, your dreams and your needs without you even noticing he is trying. He went out of his way during the busiest time of the wedding season to travel to one of the most remote parts of California to shoot our wedding and not only did he just jump right in, he literally spent quality time with what seemed like every guest in our 250 guest wedding. He made all of us feel completely comfortable and so easy going, the day was so stress free and just sailed along beautifully. I believe a huge part of this was due to Jonathan. I felt so wonderful about our experience without even seeing the pictures!!! After seeing the wedding pictures I am just blown away. I am 100% confident that no one could have done a better job than Jonathan and I am so thankful that he is a part of our lives. Our family will cherish him and his work forever.

Rita and Jordan"


"Jonathan - It was a very difficult decision that Jay and I had to make when we chose to lose our deposit with our original wedding photographer after we found you online – but boy am I glad that we chose to do it!! Having you as our photographer was the best decision that we made when planning our wedding. As you know, I have been a faithful follower of your blog since the second I found you online. I’ve enjoyed looking through all of the engagements and weddings you have shot (and all the adorable pictures of PJ too!), so I was so excited when it finally became Jay and my turn. And I must say that we were so incredibly happy with every second that you captured of our engagement session and our wedding, we seriously could not be more happy! You are so talented and your ability to capture the perfect moment is amazing! I looked at our wedding photos online while at our honeymoon resort in Antigua and tears were brought to my eyes the second I saw the picture of my daddy and I walking down the aisle – with my eyes on Jay at the alter. It was such a real picture, so beautiful and one that I will always cherish. And don’t even get me started on the video – wow!! My family has shown anyone and everyone who has 5 minutes to watch and all of my friends say its the best wedding video that they have ever seen! And I agree. Its definitely one that Jay and I won’t just reserve for wedding anniversaries – its a wedding video that I know we will choose to watch throughout the year, every year:)! You did such an amazing job – I really cannot thank you enough!! Photographs are the only thing that lasts after the wedding night (other than the marriage of course) and I am just so happy that we had you take ours. We just love them!

Love, Kacy and Jay"


"Let's see, how to describe Jonathan - he's like a ninja that left ninja school, picked up a camera, and never looked back. Jonathan was everywhere at once at our wedding - on the dancefloor, up in the trees, out in the fields, up on the roof. You see him one minute and then he's gone the next, like some kind of photography leprechaun. All I can say is that if he is not ruinously violating all the laws of physics, then Jonathan absolutely worked his tail off at our wedding. Jonathan captured so many ridiculously awesome, stunning, funny, heartwarming, and genuinely candid pictures that you feel embarrassed that you aren't paying him more. And they all look SO good, to the point that I can't say to people "the pictures don't do it justice," but rather that "this is exactly how it looked and felt!" How many people really ever say that and mean it? When you work with Jonathan, you're signing up for all the professional qualifications: skilled photographer, punctuality, not-your-average-wedding-picture, etc. But here's the kicker - what you get is so much more than that. Jonathan has a warm personality and I really always felt like he was there doing more than just earning his paycheck. He interacts with family and friends fluidly, has a hilarious way of getting everyone in and out and on with the day, and he finds photo ops and lighting in places you never even saw it. Jonathan understood it was an important day for me and my wife and he moved and acted like he really took that to heart. He was always receptive to feedback about things we wanted, but what really pleased me was that when I told him to just do his thing, he didn't take that as a free pass to take routine pictures. He ran with it (sometimes literally) and pushed his photography above and beyond anything I had seen in his other shoots. Seriously, Jonathan clearly still loves to try new techniques and I absolutely encourage you to let him stretch his legs, a freedom that I think truly rewards the client in the end. We look back at our June 2012 wedding frequently and, thanks to Jonathan, feel like we remember every detail of the day as richly and warmly as when we lived it.

Erin and Brad"


"We first met Jonathan at a friend's wedding he was shooting and he clearly had mad photography skills! At the time Dan & I had been dating for a while and we knew that one day, down the road, we would soon be getting hitched ourselves. And sure enough...later down that road...We got engaged! After much consideration, we decided that we just had to go with the photographer that first caught our eyes. We just had to have him! We met him for our engagement shoot in SLO which was so nice because it gave us a chance to get to know each other before the big day. As awkward as Dan & I felt about taking professional photographs, Jonathan instantly made us comfortable and just had us laughing and enjoying ourselves the entire time. We had the honor of also having Jonathan Roberts capture our wedding day on September 13, 2014 in Lake Arrowhead, CA at Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins. We could not be happier with our decision to go with him. When we say capture, it's completely an understatement. Jonathan Roberts is the most efficient, charming, unique, artistically masterful photographer I have ever come across. The way he moves around and the things he does with his camera may have people wondering what the on earth is this guy doing?...but low and behold...his wheels are always spinning and he's got something up his sleeves that will come together in a fashion that you could not possible fathom. Before our grand entrance, Jonathan swept us away to a spot he had somehow found in the short time he was up there, and off we were to try to soak in some of that prime lighting. And as though he couldn't be any more radical...he pulls out his DRONE to capture aerial video of Dan & I and the beautiful area surrounding! What wedding photographer have you ever seen do that??! So awesome! This can be seen in the amazing video montage that he created of our day. It's nothing short of breathtaking. It made us laugh and smile. It brought tears to our eyes and all of our friends and family as well. Every single one of my guests asked me where I found this guy. They just had to know. We were happy to share! The day was captured from start to finish and most of the time we had no idea where Jonathan was. And without a doubt he returned the most candid, real, raw, genuine pictures of the day we like to think of as the best day ever! Every little detail was there. Not to mention that we got our video montage back 2 days after the event and our entire wedding album back 6 days...that's right SIX DAYS after our wedding day. I'm not sure the man ever sleeps, but man that's unheard of! We're not even going to tell you that this will be the best wedding decision you will make...after your wedding you'll understand why we have nothing but extraordinary things to say about Jonathan Roberts and his professionalism. Thank you, Jonathan! We truly appreciate your awesomeness! You truly are an artist!

Janice and Dan"


"Jonathan, Marc said to me this morning, "The most important things I would tell someone about having a wedding are, one, have it on a day other than Saturday, and two, hire Jonathan." We had no idea how committed to getting the right shots you would be...just a few examples include tree climbing, throwing horse manure out of the way, and rolling around in the dirt...Im pretty sure by the time you left your white shirt was brown and full of stickers. You werent there to just take some pictures, you took the time to get to know us as a couple. The passage you quoted on your blog by Robert Fulghum made us realize how well you paid attention to our story and dynamic as a couple. The photography of our wedding day somehow tells a story of us past, present, and future. You captured parts of the day we dont ever want to forget, and caught the moments we werent able to see. You were a pleasure to work with and have at our wedding...not to mention that our family and friends keep making comments about how much they enjoyed you. Oh, and Jonathan, did we mention that you rock?! Thank you for everything.

Cameron and Marc"


"Lucas and I have been married now for five months and we have been trying to put together the words to convey the epic fantasticness that is Jonathan. We are not exaggerating when we say that he is an ARTIST! We don’t know how he does it—sure, his raw talent and masterful technical skills are a majority of it—but we suspect that he may also have some ninja training! They say you can’t bottle a moment, but Jonathan’s photos come darn close to doing just that. His personality and sense of humor is infectious. He is able to make even the most awkward person (e.g. me) seem photogenic and at ease. Your friends and family will also rave about him! Don’t be surprised if all your guests change their Facebook profile picture to a picture he took at your wedding. I was recently out East and saw two of my friends who were at the wedding. Almost before I had entered their house they said, “So we are totally obsessed with your photographer—would you be completely weirded out if we end up having framed pictures of your wedding on our walls?” I’m not entirely sure whether she was joking either… he is THAT good! Seriously, when have you ever wanted someone else’s wedding photographs? His turn around time was also amazing. We believe he may have evolved beyond the need for sleep! He left our wedding at approximately 10:30 PM and by 11:30 the next morning he had a video up and posted to Facebook! …And that Video! Over the past five months we have watched it no fewer than fifty times and I still get teary-eyed. The moments he filmed and the way he pieced them together brings us right back to that amazing day. Finally, as if all of this wasn’t enough, his prices are so reasonable you will almost feel bad about it. We were beyond pleased with our experience with Jonathan—we would not only recommend him, but would go so far as to say that if he is not available on the day of your wedding, then you should move your wedding to a different day.

Jessica and Lucas"


"Simply put, Jonathan at Bluephoto is one of those people who is outstanding at what he does. Not only does Jonathan produce outstanding photographs (which he certainly does!), but he is professional, creative, engaging, efficient, clever, and fun from start to finish. I can imagine that there are other photographers who take good pictures, but I cannot imagine having hired anyone else to photograph our wedding. We liked Jonathan from the moment we met him and our admiration of him and his work has only grown since. With his fast-paced and witty style, he quickly puts everyone at ease in front of the camera and you almost forget that you are in front of the lens. Other people have used the word ‘ninja’ to describe Jonathan and it seems apt; he seems to manage to disappear and be part of the party all at the same time. Many of our guests commented to us during the wedding how much they loved our photographer, and they had not even seen his pictures yet! We have seen those pictures now—and the amazing video montage he put together for us the day after the wedding—and we are extremely pleased, though not at all surprised. If you are looking for a photographer and want one who has mastered his craft, then Jonathan is the one for you.

Christine and Greg"


"Jonathan is not only the best wedding photographer ever, he is also extremely kind and conscientious. He gives 110% + to your wedding. He is the nicest person and is truly passionate about what he does and it shows in his photos. The way the captures a moment is inspired. His photos are so natural and beautiful. He also goes above and beyond to accommodate you. He makes the most awesome wedding videos ever! He made us the most amazing video that captures so many elements of our day. And he sent it to us the very next morning! Everyone who has seen the video loves it!!! We've had comments like "it's the best video of its kind" and that people are "wearing it out" watching it so much. On our wedding day he had a great idea to take us up to Madonna Mountain to do some quick pictures since our wedding was at the Jack House. This was such an amazing idea and he got some great pictures. I really appreciated this idea and his enthusiasm to make the most of the day. The pictures from both are wedding and engagement photos are all so great. We have so many great pictures of us and of all the little details from the day. He also got some great pictures of our guests which is great because I'm able to include these in thank you cards. We also got our photos from him very quickly both times, I want to say it was only about a week, which is amazingly fast. My husband usually doesn't like getting his picture taken, but Jonathan made us feel comfortable immediately when we met him to do our engagement photos. He makes it fun by keeping you laughing and is able to get the shots he wants pretty quickly. He is very time efficient. Me and my husband have already talked about doing pictures with him in the future. That's saying a lot for people who typically don't like getting pictures taken. Jonathan is the best and I can't imagine hiring anyone else!

Lisa and Johden"


"So we're coming up on our year anniversary, so this review is long overdue. We were married at The Cliffs on June 30th 2012. Better late than never as they say. We met with a few different photographers, and Jonathan was without a doubt the most personable and easy to get along with. We thought that was important, as you don't want you or your family or guests feeling like its all about the photographer. We sat in his kitchen the weekend he was moving in.. (he met us on short notice as we came in from out of town without an appointment) Jonathan shot our engagement pics and wedding and was absolutely amazing. The pictures came out great, everything we could have asked for and more. And then the icing on the cake (and that's really not saying enough, it was more like another cake) was the video that captured the day and night in a little over 3 minutes. As if the video wasn't enough, he literally had it finished and emailed to us by 1pm the next day. Just in time for my new bride to sob watching on the way to the airport for our honeymoon. She (we) must have watched it and sobbed every time about 30 times the first few days of our marriage. Thank you Jonathan for being there all day and night, and most the time you didn't know he was even there. Having us hop a fence to get the right shots at sunset, and all the great pics that really are priceless. We would definitely refer family and friends to use BluePhoto for any event, but if it's important like a wedding, we'd tell them they have to use Jonathan. Anyone can private message me for any questions and I'd be happy to answer. We owe Jonathan a big thank you.

Monica and Ray"


"Jonathan captured our wedding in April 2013. Where to begin.... My husband and I went to our friends wedding back in 2011. When we saw their wedding pictures, we fell in love with Jonathan's work. When my husband and I got engaged October of 2011, the first thing he said to me after he proposed was "We need Jonathan!". We started asking the venues that we had been looking at about Jonathan and they all had nothing but amazing things to say about him, and of course, that he booked up fast. Since my husband and I were paying for our wedding, we knew we had to save money fast so we could book Jonathan for our special day. The beginning of 2012 came around and we finally had enough money for our deposit for a photographer. We called Jonathan up and met with him at Kreuzberg in San Luis Obispo. The moment we met him, we loved him! He was very welcoming and made us feel super comfortable about being "put on the spot" in front of the camera. When we met for our engagement photos in April 2012, Jonathan told us to act natural, go with the flow of things, and to simply be ourselves. My Fiancé and I wanted the whole barn look country feel for our pictures and Jonathan took us to the perfect spot in SLO. We had so much fun climbing over fences (me in a short white dress) and hiking up hills to chase the sun for the perfect lighting for Jonathan's image. By the end of our engagement shoot, we felt we had gained a friend. We could hardly wait a year for our wedding just to work with Jonathan again. When that day came in April 2013, we were more than ecstatic to see Jonathan again. He snapped pictures of everything from the time we started getting ready until the moment we left the venue that night. Talking to all of our guests the few days after the wedding up until this day (months later), people still tell us how much they loved our photographer. They loved how much fun he was to be around, that he was easily approachable and to talk to, and that he was enjoying himself and dancing with the group! After the wedding, it took Jonathan not more than a week to get all of our wedding pictures back to us! My husband and I were so impressed with his work all over again! Jonathan was able to capture so many important moments and memories. I am not sure how one person can do what he did all by himself at our wedding. He was simply amazing!!! Through out our whole wedding planning process, Jonathan was so easily reachable threw email, phone or text and he always got right back to me. He was able to help me with questions I had that did not even have to do with photography. Jonathan was such a pleasure to work with, we would definitely recommend him to EVERYBODY that is looking for a photographer. Not only do you get to work with an amazing person, but you gain an amazing friend as well. We could not have been more blessed and happy to have Jonathan spend our special day with us and give us the best gift of all time. We get to look back year after year at our amazing wedding pictures and relive that day each and every time. Our wedding would not have been half as wonderful if it were not for you Jonathan. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for capturing our very special day!

Chantel and John"


"We were recommended to Bluephoto/ Jonathan Roberts by our wedding planner. We live in Orange County and decided to have our wedding at Rancho Santa Margarita, which meant we needed vendors who lived in the San Luis Obispo area. From the moment we met Jonathan, we knew that we wanted him to be our photographer. This is before he even presented his portfolio for us to look at. There is just this comfortable demeanor about him that makes you completely forget you are on camera. When we saw his work, we were 100% sold. We did our engagement shoot with him and were thrilled with the way they turned out, which made us so excited for our wedding day. His attention to the detail is impeccable; I had painted the bottom of my boots, he found it without me saying anything. Every last decoration that I had made, I had a photo of and some of it I don’t even remember seeing the day of. It was nice to be able to re-live my day through the photos and the amazing video that he created. You can tell that he takes the time to understand who you are and what your vision is for your wedding and he makes sure that it happens. We wanted our wedding to be rustic, artistic and casual, Jonathan made it seem like we had accomplished all of that and more. During our family and bridal party shots, he was stern and on time, but also made sure we were all having so much fun. The time we spent with him just the two of us was amazing too. He put us in his car and drove us around the property making sure we had enough time to do all that he had imagined for us. The reception photos are great because he blends into the background and no one realizes he is there. We got some of the greatest shots of our families dancing together and candid pictures that just tells the story of that day. Thank you so much Jonathan for blessing our day with your talent. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Stephen and Amanda"


"Jonathan at Bluephoto was by far our best wedding decision! We knew immediately when we met him that he would be easy to work with and we felt comfortable with him every step of the way. Our engagement shoot was amazing and we quickly learned how much energy and genuine love for photography Jonathan has. On our wedding day, Jonathan worked so hard to get every important shot, was on his feet for over 10 hours capturing so many amazing moments and blended in so well that our family and wedding party felt immediately comfortable with him. He was present on the dancing floor, jumping around with all of so that he was able to get plenty of candid shots. All of our guests raved not only about how awesome Jonathan was during the wedding and reception, but also for the wedding video that he was able to put together and post online for us the very next day! It was so special to be able to recap the night during our Sunday Brunch. What an amazing snapshot of our wedding the video was! As if that wasn't enough to make us love Jonathan, he was able to get our entire wedding album up just one week after our wedding!!! I have had so many compliments about his work from guests and people who have seen the photos. We are so happy with all of the images and can't wait to start printing some up! Our photographs are timeless - the quality we were most looking for in our wedding photography and the style will last us a lifetime. We highly recommend Jonathan for his impeccable service, passion and skill.

Heather and Kyle"


"As you peruse the Blue Photo website, it is apparent that Jonathan is a remarkable photographer and videographer. I’ve watched his videos and pictures over and over again. I’ve shared the “Sarah and Matt” wedding video so much that I feel like I know them! This was my first impression of Jonathan. What I, as well as many others in planning a wedding, appreciate about his website is how forthright he is. Here are the prices, this is what is in the package and here are some extras that you can purchase. No beating around the bush and I love that! My initial contact with Jonathan through email was professional and extremely prompt. His friendly tone was just like I was emailing an old friend. He was out the door to shoot a wedding, but made time to answer my questions. Second impression-NAILED! Engagement shots were so much fun! Running around his town was so much fun. He knows the right spots and knows exactly the right time of day to shoot. At times, I felt a little awkward being “schmoopy” with my fiancée, but Jonathan would get us cracking up and he’d capture perfectly in that nanosecond, a beautiful shot. Our wedding day finally came and he arrived with smiles and hugs! Amid the whirlwind chaos of preparing, he just blended right in going between Dennis and his groomsmen and me and my bridesmaids. The end result-he captured everything, even the small details you tend to overlook. He catches the laughter, the silliness and the happy tears and does so in a very skilled, artful manner. Jonathan gives you a wedding time machine. You watch the video and look at the pictures and it’s puts you right back there on your wedding day. We are extremely pleased with Jonathan, as a person and his work. I’m still getting compliments about our video and the pictures. I can’t wait to see him at my sister’s wedding next year. admin - Thank you May. You and Dennis were a pleasure to photograph and I only wish that your wedding had been a week long instead of just one day!

May and Dennis"


"Where do I even begin?? We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jonathan!!! Booking him was hands down the best decision of our wedding. He is such a pleasure to work with. We met with him a couple times prior to our wedding and everytime we had such a blast!! Jonathan has an amazing personality and a great sense of humor. This makes all the difference in the world. He makes you totally comfortable which is huge. There’s nothing worse than being (and looking) uncomfortable on camera. Our engagement pictures came out beautiful. Our wedding pictures…..I have no words except for WOW!!!! I am completely OBSESSED with them!! Jonathan captured every special moment and every detail of our wedding. He is beyond talented!! Then there’s the video that he does. This was such a great added bonus. We didn’t have a videographer so this was a great way to relive the day. I have gotten rave reviews for all of our family and friends:) Jonathan is a total professional and very quick to respond. He even danced with my grandma!! Everyone had such a blast with him. And we recieved ALL of our photos within a week of our wedding!!! I could go on and on We would recommend him to everyone and anyone. Jonathan, we can’t thank you enough for giving us a lifetime of memories. We are forever grateful to you.

Lexie and Josh"


"I'm going to echo all of the wonderful reviews about Jonathan because IT'S ALL TRUE, PEOPLE. Being a top-notch photographer is only half the battle-- the other half is making clients feel comfortable and covered. Jonathan wins at both. He's fast (but not intense), easy-going (but gets all the shots), and fun & involved (but he blends in). Sounds like some sort of super-hero-photographer, right? Just wait until you get the little mini-movie of your day! You'll be SO VERY thankful you chose Jonathan at Bluephoto! We are still getting compliments on our wedding photos, the mini-movie, and Jonathan himself-- just the way he immersed himself in the crowd on the day and how quickly he posted his work. What more can you ask for?!? Thanks again, Jonathan. You're awesome :-)

Carol and Josh"


"I wish I could give MORE stars for how amazing Jonathan is! My husband and I are in love with him and have been since our engagement shoot over a year ago! We just got married on August 18, 2012 and we are so glad we have so many amazing wonderful perfect pictures to remember our special day! Jonathan was punctual, attentive, gave great advice (lots of water and eat so you don't pass out), friendly, authoratative (when need be - like during family photos), fun, well-dressed, everything a perfect photographer should be, basically! In the days following our wedding, all of our friends and family were raving about Jonathan as well. Everyone saying how much they loved him and what a great job he did and how they all loved the video and the photos and how fun he was - on the dance floor with everyone (which is awesome and gets some fun shots). Basically, I can't praise him enough. He's amazing. We love him and you will too!

Brianna and Kyle"


"I have been putting this review off, because it is very difficult to express the way I feel about Jonathan and his photography in words. Simply put - "I am a Raving Fan." Our wedding was non-traditional (to say the least), and because it was non-traditional, the majority of the event was brewed from scratch. Sarah (my wife), went to school for event design and spent the better part of two years planning and creating our wedding weekend. Sarah, our family, our friends and myself poured an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears into our wedding celebration. This made capturing the moment (weekend) exceptionally important to the two of us. Jonathan (Bluephoto) did not disappoint, in fact, he blew us away! I consider myself a manly man, a linebacker, tough, rough & tumble person. I'm the guy with the firm handshake, the kind of guy that does not cry. Well, apparently Jonathan saw right through my tough guy persona and was able to prove all of the aforementioned untrue in a matter of seconds. The day after the wedding we had invited him back over to have brunch with our family and friends. Jonathan showed up with a sneak preview of a couple of his favorite photos from the day, along with an unbelievable video montage of the wedding. This "tough guy" cried like a baby through the entire thing. And I continue to cry as we re-watch and re-watch the video over and over again. It was perfect. Did I mention that he left the wedding close to midnight? That meant one of two things. Either he has a bunch of Keebler Elves making videos in his studio, or he did not sleep that night. Like I said, he had the video ready the next morning. This meant the world to Sarah and me. Now that we have our photos back, I can also say that the still images that he creates are equally stunning. Jonathan has a gift with light and as our time with him went on, I began to notice the wheels in his head always spinning. He was on a never ending quest to find the best lighting and backdrops the entire time. As I looked through the pictures, there were plenty of "how did he do that" moments. You know those pictures you see in magazines, where the light comes through in perfect fashion. Sarah and I are not fashion models, well maybe Sarah could be, but after looking at the photos, I know that we both felt so special. Jonathan is a true artist. There is nothing I want more than to share our amazing experience with the world. Every couple goes through the wedding planning highs and lows should have the pleasure of working with Jonathan and I will continue to rave about him.

Sarah and Matt"


"This was the most excellent email waiting in my inbox after 10 days of being disconnected from the world! Jared and I just finished looking through all the photos while flying home. We’re currently somewhere over Oklahoma or Texas. I’m still so awed by your talent! Everyone at the wedding adored you too (before even seeing the pics!) Thank you for helping us make it such a great day.

Amy and Jared"


"Almost two years before my wedding, I stumbled across Jonathan's website while searching for wedding venues on the Central Coast of California. I showed his site to my sister (May T., whose review is also on here) whose wedding was much sooner, and she fell in love with his work, too. So Jonathan has shot both of our weddings and was a dream to work with from start to finish for two weddings in our family. He was actually the very first vendor I ever booked, even before I had a venue! Responsive, professional, gentle but extremely competent, and so much fun to be around. My fiance and I are generally very uncomfortable in front of the camera, but he made it so easy and fun for us so that we didn't feel overly posed or stiff while taking pictures. Also, I loved that Jonathan is so open and forthcoming about his pricing. No running around wasting your time calling photographers only to find out they are outside your budget. Of course, I've only known other brides who had to do that, as I never looked into another photographer. I knew I wanted Jonathan. But personality and pricing is only a small part of what goes into choosing a photographer--what we all really care about when the wedding is over are the images you have left. Jonathan gave us the images we dreamed of, ones we could imagine showing our children and grandchildren. He doesn't bother with trendy filters that in five years will look dated--just clean, well-composed photographs that make use of his great timing with natural light. He captured every special moment and emotion of our wedding so beautifully, and gave us our incredible wedding video the next day, and our images the day after! We adore Jonathan, and couldn't be more grateful for the lasting works of art he conjured from one of the most special days of our lives.

Katie and Brooks"


"It is incredibly difficult to use only 5 stars and a couple paragraphs of text to explain why you should choose Bluephoto for your wedding. If you haven't already, your decision will likely be made for you when you look at his website and see the glorious use of light and the totally unique short videos he makes for each couple. One wedding guest said our video looked like a promo for a trendy indy movie starring us - amazing! In the end, there are many photographers who will take beautiful pictures of you on your wedding day. And if you are having a very traditional wedding and want a series of pre-configured photo ops and you want someone to hold a camera and take those pictures for you, go ahead and hire someone else, you can probably get that much cheaper. Jonathan's talent is best used by cool, edgy, and unique weddings/couples who want the focus to be on the meaning of their happy day and don't want to act. You can trust Jonathan to capture every detail while you focus on celebrating with your spouse and your guests. Working with Jonathan allows even the most camera-shy couple feel comfortable and then to have beautiful artwork in which they and their family and friends are the subject. He's a very cool guy and it was like working with an old friend; our wedding was very small, and he still managed to blend in seamlessly. He works great with little kids, drunken dancing people, and everyone in between. It was an honor to work with him and we could not recommend his beautiful work more.

Lia and Bill"


"Our experience with Jonathan at Bluephoto was, from start to finish, wonderful. From the get go, he was transparent about how he operates business and willing to tailor his services to our needs as a couple. He is fun and easy to be around, which made for light-hearted and laughter-filled interactions. Such interactions made our engagement shoot a great date night caught on film, and we would have loved to have Jonathan at our wedding, photographs or not. He was a great guest, dancing his heart out right alongside us. And all the while, Jonathan operates with absolute professionalism; he’s organized and always responded quickly to emails and phone calls. Not only that but he has a truly creative eye. His artistic vision is clear and his execution artfully imaginative. He utilizes light in a way that is breath-taking. And if anyone can get the shot, he can. Somehow, he’s everywhere. Looking back, we’ve said repeatedly, “How did he do that?!” or “I didn’t even know he was there!” On our big day Jonathan was unobtrusive, always available and calm amidst all the craziness a wedding day brings. The day now past, we can’t stop returning to our photos and video montage, which we’ve watched a good 30 times and shown to everyone we know. His creative gift has captured and immortalized our love in a way that we couldn’t have hoped to be more beautiful. We already look forward to working more with Jonathan for anniversary shoots, if he can squeeze us in.

Alissa and James"





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