"Jonathan captured so many ridiculously awesome, stunning, funny, heartwarming, and genuinely candid pictures that you feel embarrassed that you aren't paying him more. And they all look SO good, to the point that I can't say to people "the pictures don't do it justice," but rather that "this is exactly how it looked and felt!" How many people really ever say that and mean it?"
Erin and Brad

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Emily and Will’s wedding day started off with a mountain bike ride out East Cuesta to the Bulldozer trailhead. ...

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Kristin, Nick and I met up in Los Osos last night for their engagement session. This time of year, ...

Family Vacation Puerto Rico

Each year we take off around November for as long a trip as we can get away with. This ...

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Courtney and Travis held their wedding celebration at Flying Caballos Ranch which is located just south of San Luis ...

Love Story Videos

There’s no better way to capture the emotion and excitement of your wedding day than with a short video montage. These 3-5 minute videos are included with all of my photography packages.

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