James Molnar Real Estate Agent Portrait Shoot

A couple of weeks ago James and Michelle Molnar, who operate their own Real Estate business, had me do a shoot for a variety of purposes (brochures, web, etc.). We started off with the boring, but necessary, formal (white and black background) shots. After a few family portraits, the entire family took the horses out and started rounding up steers! I ended up getting in the coral and shooting as James did some roping. I had a few close up moments with the steers as they came running towards me – almost ended up on my rump a few times as I looked through the telephoto lens.
The family owns a ranch off of Old Creek rd. just outside of Cayucos. When the sun started to set we piled into the big truck and headed up a mountain, out of the valley to a grand vista featuring Morro Bay and The Rock. I took the opportunity to create some portraits of James. Even though I was fighting a cold all day, hanging out and shooting the Molnar’s was a lot of fun!