San Luis Obispo’s Wellness Industry

I spent this weekend working on a variety of portraits for Mindbody, a local tech company that provides software for Yoga Studios, Massage Therapist and Spas. First up was Lisa, the owner of Smiling Dog Yoga where the floors are gorgeous and the light was incredible. Second was Theresa Blackner Massage. Theresa was a joy to photograph as her smile is contagious. Third, we headed over to Savvi Skin & Body Salon where Julie, the owner, was very kind to allow us to shoot her for almost an hour. The last place we were scheduled to shoot was the new Madonna Inn Spa where we took full advantage of the gorgeous evening light and our gracious hosts Alexandra and model Connie. Big thanks go to Amber, Danielle, Quincy and Brooke who organized each location’s shoot. I was incredibly impressed with how well everyone was lined up and ready to go, enabling me to quickly and efficiently iron out each shot. Thanks!

San Luis Obispo Yoga Photography

San Luis Obispo Yoga Photography

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