So, Payton is a year old this month. Today he helped me figure out how to use a strobe that was first designed in the 70’s called a Metz Mecablitz. I am going to geek out for a minute here,  so no problem skipping over the next few sentences – I totally understand (I know Michelle glazed over as soon as she saw the word “strobe”). Anyways, this flash is twice as powerful as the little units that go on top of my cameras. This is really cool for shooting when the sun is super bright and high in the sky. The extra juice helps me control the light without having to use 3 strobes or a huge studio strobe – so, I’m a little excited about this new piece of gear.

*****Done dorking out now*****

Back to the important things. This last year has been amazing. Business has been absolutely incredible with many more bookings and totally stoked brides than I ever imagined. And the arrival of Payton in our lives has made our little family complete. I am so incredibly thankful for the success that is Bluephoto and most importantly, my incredible little family. I can’t wait for 2009!San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer Walking Payton