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I have always wanted to visit Jamaica. The Caribbean is a region that seizes my sense of adventure and intrigues me with its rich history. I have been doing a bit of reading on Jamaica and have now placed the island on my top 10 list of places to visit. It seems to me that Jamaica is a perfect place for Caribbean destination wedding.

Jamaica is smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and looks like a sore spot that doesn’t blend well with the rest of the Caribbean archipelago. The island host gorgeous resorts but, it is also full of a rich history that the rest of the Caribbean islands are lacking.

The original inhabitants of Jamaica came from South America 2000 years ago. These inhabitants were called the Arawaks and lived as tribal groups until the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494. Spain’s first settlers were led by Juan de Esquivel who arrived about ten years after Columbus. At the time of the first European settlers, there were approximately 100,000 Arawaks. By the beginning of the 16th century the Arawaks were completely wiped out due to their exposure to the foreigners diseases. This marked the beginning of the Caribbean as a place for foreigners to conquer and exploit for their own purpose.

Over the next 200 or so years sugar plantations were the dominant crop and required large amounts of manual labor. African slaves were brought over from Africa and the disgusting practice of human slavery in Jamaica was started. There were numerous slave uprisings throughout the history of the island and the horrible practice of slavery did not stop until the 1850s when foreign groups began to move to the island. Around 1900, Jamaica was seen as a destination for many different ethnic groups looking for a new start. This diversity helped Jamaica become a member of the West Indies Federation and helped lead the way to the passing of their constitution in the 1960s.

Today Jamaica offers its visitors a truly unique and distinct destination wedding or tourist experience. The island boasts some of the very best coffee in the world. The Blue Mountains coffee can be sampled at Mavis Bank where each individual cup is brewed (I can’t wait to give this a try!). There are literally hundreds of hiking and mountain bike trails that take you to the top of some of the island’s tallest peaks and featuring some of the most spectacular views in the world!

If you are thinking of planning a destination wedding, I suggest you consider Jamaica as an option. Bluephoto is the perfect choice for your Jamaica wedding photographer.  I am truly fascinated with this country and cannot wait to experience the rich history, fascinating people and gorgeous island landscape!

Jamaica Wedding Photographer