Sky and Kyle

And the cute couple award goes to…….Sky aaaaand Kyle!!! These two are way into each other. Kyle can’t keep his eyes, hands or lips off of his girl – and this is exactly how it should be for two lovebirds that are so close to their wedding day! They will be married later this year at the Dinosaur Caves near San Luis Obispo. Their wedding will be small and intimate with most of their guests coming from out of town.

Michelle told me she loves when I come home from an engagement shoot with a great couple because I’m always inspired and super lovy-duvy towards her. It’s true, I am very fortunate to be reminded on such a regular basis just how special mine and Michelle’s relationship is.

Kyle, Sky and I started off our session in the back of the San Luis Obispo Mission. Kyle and Sky were game for just about anything! I have wanted to shoot in a tall stairwell for the last six months and I just haven’t had a chance to do it. So, we headed out to the tallest stairwell I know in San Luis Obispo, the Parking Garage. They goofed off and got comfortable as we tried out different angles. I love the structure, the concrete and the soft light found in the stairwell. The Parking Garage ended up giving great inspiration to this San Luis Obispo wedding photographer!

From there we headed out to a few different locations ending our San Luis Obispo engagement shoot with a chase towards the setting sun. We watched as the huge glowing mass hit the horizon and the wind instantly died down. I had a great time with these two and their wedding is going to be perfect!

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