Castoro Cellars | Wedding Photography Album

An ode to Green. Green, you are in the leaves above my head and the soft grassy tickle beneath my feet. I adore that you find your way into my Ben & Jerry’s Mint-Chocolate-Chunk-Sweet-Cream-and-Cookies pint, Michelle’s gorgeous eyes and sometimes my flip-flops. Is it wrong to love you? No, I think not – if this is wrong, then right is wronger (yes, I understand that wronger isn’t a word, but this is pure verse, rhyme – – poetry at its utmost remedial level). Green, green, green, like REM and algae and Irish Spring. You remind me Green, of the lovely salad I had at Novo in San Luis Obispo with the toasted almonds, cranberries, feta, caramelized onions and other yummy stuffs. Oh Green how I love thee and the fact that you are at your best as guacamole filling my bowl.

Check out the wedding album below:

Castoro Winery | Wedding Album

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