Kerry and Jan

Kerry, Jan and I are at very similar points in our lives. We shared wonderful conversation during the course of their engagement shoot. At one point Kerry was talking about her relationship with Jan and how she had, “waited a long time for the right man.” I don’t remember precisely where her statement fit into our discussion, but her words made an impression and were completely accurate within the context of our conversation. “Waited a long time for the right man.” I’ve been thinking a lot about this and about the timing of events that has come into play in my own life. The extended college years, the knee injury, the previous girl and now a wonderful job, a cute little boy and Michelle, my wife.

I have a friend who is dying of cancer. Her husband is a sweet man. They waited a long time to find each other and soon they will be apart again. I’m not sure if I’m an optimist – I think I am. Right now I hurt for her husband; I long to stop his pain. I don’t know what to do. So, I sit, think and write this probably inappropriate post. But, Kerry and Jan are also on my mind. Kerry and Jan are a burst of fresh life. They will have kids and will be in love for a very long time. I am right there with them. Their newness reminds me to celebrate the joy my little family brings and to recognize with excited anticipation the years to come.

Each marriage is a new beginning. For those of us that have found “…the right man,” weddings are a celebration of new beginnings, the obvious starting place for new family and the completion of a quest by two independents who sought after, found and pledge to stay together. Brilliant!

Witnessing the beginning of a marriage comforts me as I watch the other end of the cycle. I wish Kerry and Jan a long and happy life with gorgeous children, daily laughter and many more adventures.

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