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So, if your remember back to Ashley and Dustin’s engagement shoot (HERE) these two were a couple of silly-gooses the entire time we were out. Last Saturday Ashley and Dustin held their wedding at the Monarch Club at Trilogy (HERE) and little had changed between them. One of the things I love witnessing on a wedding day is the emotion. Dustin and his rowdy groomsmen (super rad guys) started off the day, nervous, goofy and watching golf on the flatscreen. Dustin’s attention to detail and long to do list kept him plenty occupied and distracted during the morning hours. As items were checked off and the hours counted down, the realness of what was happening began to sink in.

When Michelle and I (ok, mostly Michelle) had Payton, I remember thinking that this was as vulnerable as I had ever felt. I was completely helpless and completely trusting that the doctors, nurses and our doula, Shantel would get us through this amazing experience that neither of us were prepared for. When a couple decides to marry, they are taking a leap of faith. When we choose to be with our spouse, we are putting our trust in each other and are making a faith-based decision. During Payton’s birth, I put my trust in others and prayed that they would do their best for our baby.  At the same time, I prayed I could be my best for our little guy.

Dustin’s heart exploded when he saw Ashley walking down the aisle. I saw it. I was there. I had a camera pointed toward him and was witness to his focus shifting away from family and friends, away from the salty air, the breeze over the greens and the sun above. The narrowing of Dustin’s vision was obvious. It was as if a rope sprung from Dustin, down the aisle, attaching itself to Ashley’s waist. As Ashley walked down the aisle, she had hundreds of eyes pointed at her, but my eyes were watching Dustin. These moments are why I am a photographer. I love seeing things others miss. I saw in this instance, Dustin’s leap of faith…choosing to love Ashley and trusting that she will reciprocate. Dustin truly loves his wife.

Enough with the sapity-sap-sap, check out the awesomeness that is ALL super wedding coordinator Andi Cummins below.

Andi Cummins Event Design: 805.540.1967

Best wishes forever to Dustin and Ashley. You truly belong together.

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