Marci and Chris – Film | Gainey Winery Wedding

I photographed Marci and Chris’ engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago (HERE). The film from that shoot just arrived from my lab this afternoon and I couldn’t wait to show the results. The creamy skin tones and soft pastels are simply stunning. I am convinced that combining film and digital photography is the very best way of photographing both weddings and engagements. Both digital and film have their specific advantages and taking the best from each is my preferred method of shooting. More film updates to come!

Camera: Mamiya 645 AF, 80 2.8 Lens and Fuji 400H. More: HERE.

Gainey Vineyard Wedding | Gainey Winery Weddings

You can see more from Marci and Chris’ engagement shoot: HERE.

Gainey Vineyard Wedding Photographer

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