Wedding Planning and Design App for Iphone/Ipod {Free}

I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to keep track of the different things I see throughout my day that inspire me. I constantly gather items, cut out magazine pictures, keep track of fonts, take pictures and write down web links. At the same time, I’ve met with many brides who have binders that are overflowing with fabric swatches, post-it notes and a bazillion other items (one rad bride-to-be was keeping a hunk of metal and a some leaves) they want to incorporate into their wedding design.

I’m hoping that this app will help in the organization process of designing an event or project that requires a lot of input.

I’m pasting the official description of the app below:

The Design Bucket App is a mobile tool for brides, coordinators, designers and event planners to organize all the little inspirations that go into their weddings and event designs. Videos, websites, pictures, random thoughts, sound bites and anything else that inspires is quickly saved and tagged. Tags are easily accessed by scrolling through an organized, alphabetical list.

Brides: You can also use the mapping function to keep track of your bridal party on your wedding day. Twitter and Facebook are also just one button away.

The Inspiration Page as this is a place where I display different things that inspire me. You can also keep track of what I am up to by checking out the my most recent shoots through the integrated blog access button.

I hope you like the Design Bucket App. If you have any questions about anything or ideas for improving the app, shoot me an email or give me a call anytime.

Download the Design Bucket App: HERE.

Iphone Wedding App

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