My CCWP Presentation.

Last month I had the opportunity to speak in front of 80 central coast wedding professionals at the Lighthouse Suites wedding venue (HERE). Let me first tell you, I barely scraped by with a C in my college speech class, making public speaking right up there on the “fun scale” with getting a root canal. Thankfully, there was an A+ meal for all attendees and wine to make this particular experience a little less painful. I’ve found that being a small business owner, occasionally this type of thing comes up where I need to suck it up and throw myself before a crowd and talk. So, because of the food, wine, awesome attendees and the great opportunity to look like a dork in front of a room full of people I have a huge amount of respect for, I begrudgingly agreed to speak. And lucky for the world (cough-cough), it was videotaped!

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

In my attempt at total disclosure and complete transparency,  I submit to you, my presentation……uh, it’s pretty long but, I do take a few questions at the end. I’m thinking about a new career as Press Secretary, just sayin’:

And below is my actual video presentation:

Wedding Photographers San Luis Obispo

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