Karen and Steve – 35 years

What follows is a very personal post about my parents.

Five years ago my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She wasn’t given long to live. Through a serious of miracles, she is still here. She just finished another round of chemo treatment that lasted nine months. To celebrate, my sisters decided to throw my parents a 35th wedding anniversary party this weekend. I was expecting to see a lot of my parents old friends, listen to lots of music and smell the scent of fresh flowers as I strolled through my parents’ gardens. The thing I wasn’t expecting was a wedding!

We arrived early enough to help set things up. My sisters were tending to details and a whole slew of small projects were being checked off the “To Do” list very quickly. As I saw what was going on around me, I realized that this was a day that needed to be remembered so, I grabbed my camera and started shooting –while trying to entertain my two-year-old son at the same time! HA!

A few minutes before guests arrived, my parents came out of their room with the same nervous, excited look I see almost every weekend as couples prepare to state their intentions in front of friends and family. So, as with a lot of couples I photograph, I grabbed my parents and we headed out for a few pictures by the river to calm the nerves.

I’m one of those lucky people that was blessed with a strong family, full of terrific examples of the type of person I strive to be. I am proud to have been witness to my parents, renewing their commitment to each other. I look forward to the day when Michelle and I renew our commitment to each other in the same way.

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