“Sittin’ here resting my bones” (Otis Redding)

Emily and Jimmy were married earlier this year at Tiber Canyon Ranch. Today, Emily picked up her wedding and parent albums. I have a great deal of pride when I’m handing over final printed products. The albums are gorgeous and the pictures always look stunning.

Really though, I’m most proud that I was the one trusted with the task of documenting and making art on one of the most important days in a couple’s life. My bio blurb says that, “I am thrilled to be a part of each couple’s wedding day as they make the commitment to be together for the rest of their lives.” An even more true statement is that I am honored to not only witness, but to be trusted with the responsibility of capturing the special moments that happen during their wedding day.

In general, I continue to gain a greater appreciation of marriage and what it means to stay happily married. As Michelle and I get farther away from our wedding day, my tendency towards the nostalgic seems to be more dominant. I’m very excited for our future and can’t believe how fortunate we have been in our personal and professional lives. And at the same time, I really do appreciate the obstacles, opportunities and required paths we have taken to get us to where we are now.

I am excited for Emily and Jimmy as they are in for an incredible adventure. Best wishes to you both!

san luis obispo wedding photography

san luis obispo wedding photography

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography

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