We Cook.

This winter we signed up to receive a fresh box of fresh fruits and vegetables (www.sloveg {dot} com) from around the Central Coast every week. So far we have been able to identify most of the items that come in the box but, there does seem to be an odd-ball fruit or vegetable with each delivery that neither Michelle nor I can figure out. Either way, the variety in the boxes enhances our cooking and the infusion of different foods into our cupboards stimulates new and exciting dishes. And reinforces our love of the basic dishes along the way.

First up is a simple meat and potatoes dish – because sometimes you just need that on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The second dish is a Mahi-Mahi and salad. Food is a very important part of our lives and although it isn’t always possible to sit down and really appreciate all of our meals together, we are making an attempt to do so whenever time permits.

For more information check out: www.sloveg {dot} com

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