I have to admit that I got a bit lost going through the thousands of images on my hard drives, searching for those I wanted to feature in this “end
of wedding season” slide show. It’s overwhelming to think of all I have witnessed and shared with all of you. As I pulled some of those I’m most
proud of, I was reminded of each and every special moment these images represent. This last week was the first week I haven’t had a scheduled shoot
for almost a year (and I still found myself following around my wife and kiddo with a camera – sicko).

I have a picture of Michelle and I when we were married. It hangs on our wall and I look at it often. It reminds me of how I felt that day. How I
felt when I made my promise to be the best husband I can be. I hope my pictures remind each couple how they felt and the promises they made on their
wedding day.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2010 wedding season. 2011 is shaping up to be a scary busy year and I can’t wait to start shooting!

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography

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