Beach Day on Ilford XP2

Thursdays are PJ’s and my day to hang out. Depending on our moods, we often pack snacks and jump on the bike (PJ rides in the trailer of course) and we head to some of our favorite places around San Luis Obispo. Today we headed out to Avila where the sand was warm and the offshore wind was at our backs. Ken and his crew met us down there this morning and the boys did their best to get as filthy as possible.

Today I brought along my F100 film camera and shot off a few rolls of Ilford XP2. I like this film as it can be processed by any lab anywhere (this means I’m not required to wait 2 weeks like I do for any of the pictures I send to my professional lab). With this in mind, PJ and I stopped off at Costco to wander the stacked pallets and wait for the 1-hour photo lab to do its thing. Albeit Costco film processing is a bit hit or miss (and NEVER used for anything serious) but, it is convenient.

I’m thinking tonight (after nap time) we will be heading over to Farmers Market in Downtown San Luis Obispo.

photographer san luis obispo

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