San Luis Obispo Bicycle Coalition – “Promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.”

Michelle and I ride our bikes more frequently than we drive our cars. We ride to work (ok, Michelle rides to work as my office is out of our house), downtown, to the market and to as many places as we can. There is a fantastic organization in San Luis Obispo called SLO County Bicycle Coalition (SLOBC: HERE). SLOBC works to create bike paths, promote bicycle safety, fix roads that are dangerous to all pedestrians and is a general good will ambassador for all things bicycle related (SLOBC Mission: HERE). Michelle and I have had a family membership the last few years. We have since included Bluephoto Wedding Photography amongst the other Bicycle Friendly Businesses in San Luis Obispo. I plan on continuing to support SLOBC as much as possible. I urge you to check out SLOBC and to get out and ride your bike!

Last night was the last Kidical Mass (HERE) of the summer. Our little PJ wasn’t about to ride without his butterfly wings. 🙂

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