This might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me – WOW!

I photographed Rita and Jordan’s wedding (HERE) a few weeks back. I just saw a review on Yelp that Rita put up. All I can say is WOW and Thank you!

“Jonathan Roberts at Bluephoto Wedding was one of the most amazing parts of our wedding. Just by looking at his pictures on his gallery we knew we had to have him. After meeting him, we were confident we had made the right choice. Not only is he totally professional and incredibly talented, he is the most easy going, nicest and welcoming person. He made us feel instantly comfortable during our engagement session and after a couple of hours we literally felt we had a new amazing friend. Not only does he capture beautiful moments you would never know you had, he captures you in a way you never knew you looked. He pays attention to detail not only on camera but also when he converses with you, noticing and remembering small but important comments you make so he actually gets to know you, your dreams and your needs without you even noticing he is trying. He went out of his way during the busiest time of the wedding season to travel to one of the most remote parts of California to shoot our wedding and not only did he just jump right in, he literally spent quality time with what seemed like every guest in our 250 guest wedding. He made all of us feel completely comfortable and so easy going, the day was so stress free and just sailed along beautifully. I believe a huge part of this was due to Jonathan. I felt so wonderful about our experience without even seeing the pictures!!! After seeing the wedding pictures I am just blown away. I am 100% confident that no one could have done a better job than Jonathan and I am so thankful that he is a part of our lives. Our family will cherish him and his work forever. – Rita”