A letter from Ariana and Keith

I photographed Ariana and Keith’s wedding (HERE) last year. I just saw a review on Yelp that Ariana posted. Thank you so much!

“We found Jonathan online and were immediately impressed with his photos.  With every album that we looked at, it became more and more evident that his lens captures the spirit of the day and that he has an amazing eye for details.  Jonathan somehow manages to get everything on film– everything!  From the gleam in each bride’s eye as she dances with her father, to the candid laughter of a guest; from the married couple’s fingers lingering on on each other in a private moment, to the plateware… every detail is preserved for posterity in Jonathan’s albums.  And his videos!  What can I possibly say about the 3-5 minute montage videos that he makes for every wedding except that they encapsulate the unique magic of every event and made it impossible for us to hire anyone besides Jonathan.

From the moment we phoned Jonathan, we knew we were making the right choice.  He spoke to us for about an hour, answering all of our questions, getting a feel for who Keith and I were as people, and letting us know that we were not only hiring a photographer, but making a friend.  During our engagement photo session, Jonathan made us feel so comfortable that we sometimes forgot he was there.  And when he would occasionally remind us of his presence, it was only to encourage us to be silly and “us.”  He was open to the few ideas that we brought with us for the session, and filled in the rest of our time with beautiful, beautiful locations and gorgeous lighting.  I ultimately printed almost every one of our engagement photos, they were so incredible!

And of course, the magic didn’t stop there with Jonathan.  At our wedding, Jonathan worked tirelessly to give us his all– unlike any other photographer, his fee includes “unlimited hours” on the day of– and so on our day he worked over 12 hours to capture everything from my hair being done, to the last dance of the night.  He put himself through anything and everything to get the perfect shot– from standing on chairs, to climbing over fences or lying on the mud covered ground– if he thought there was a good shot awaiting him, he put his life (and certainly his clothes) on the line to find it.  He rocked out on the dance floor while capturing each of our friend’s epic dance moves, and he engaged everyone with his charming sense of humor– We only heard the highest praise from all of our friends about Jonathan’s photo-taking etiquette.  And Jonathan will work like a beast to get you your photos as quickly as possible.  When we awoke at 9am, the day after the wedding, Jonathan’s wedding video was already posted on Facebook– we showed it at our day-after-the-wedding brunch to all of our guests who were just as amazed as we were by Jonathan’s speed and the beauty of his work.  One week later, we had all 2000 of our incredible photos in our hand.  It seemed impossible that one photographer could capture so much joy in a single day, but somehow Jonathan had easily managed.

When you hire Jonathan, you are hiring an experience!  From the engagement session to the wedding, he’ll put his full attention on you while capturing not only the image of the moment, but the very essence of it.  If we were to get married again tomorrow, we would choose Jonathan in a second.  We still feel so lucky that we stumbled upon his blog, and will cherish the memories he gave to us forever. Ariana”