A letter from Cassandra and Andrew

I photographed Cassandra and Andrew’s wedding (HERE) earlier this year at Dolphin Bay in Shell Beach, California. I just saw this review they put up and all I can say is WOW!! Thank you so much!

“Best Photographer EVER!!!

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful times of a couple’s life. Where are we going to get married? What are we going to eat? Chivari chairs or regular chairs? Roses or carnations? Who are we going to get to capture all of these memories for us? Many of those questions took some time to answer but the one that was easy, our photographer.

I started doing some research for a photographer and I stumbled upon Bluephoto. As a videographer in the news business, my standards were high and I thought I would never find someone who could live up to my standards. I was wrong. When I saw Jonathan’s website, I saw hope. I immediately called him to schedule a meet and greet to meet the man behind the amazing pictures and videos from the website. When I called I got his voicemail saying he was working a wedding in Mexico. However he responded to me almost immediately saying he couldn’t wait to meet my Fiance and I.

The Meeting

We met at a Café in downtown San Luis Obispo and Jonathan instantaneously became our friend. He made us feel very comfortable and he spoke our language, AWESOME!!! Explaining to us how the process works and what his goal is. We fell in love with his professionalism and his business model right then and there.

Engagement Shoot

It didn’t take long for the engagement shoot to get underway. We met, and the camera started capturing every moment. Being on TV you would think my Fiance and I wouldn’t have a problem getting our pictures taken. Wrong. I have never enjoyed being photographed, Cassandra on the other hand had no problem. So Jonathan had his work cut out for him making me comfortable. It took him all but ten seconds to calm me down and get me on board. His amazing personality and constant jokes helped create natural smiles and the pictures were phenomenal.

Wedding Day

Jonathan showed up several hours before the wedding to take pictures and video of us getting ready. Again very professional and courteous to our family and friends right off the bat. Throughout the day when we were getting stressed Jonathan helped bring us back down to earth and calm down. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the job description but we were so grateful for that. I didn’t even know when I should put my suit on. It was about an hour and a half before start time and I asked, “should I start getting ready?” He asked, “Have you had anything to eat today?” I said, “No.” Jonathan proceeded to tell me I needed to go eat and then I could get ready. He was right, I needed to eat.

Now it was time for the ceremony. I swear this man is a ninja. He took so many pictures, captured all of the important moments and I did not see him once. Our guests didn’t even know he was there. Perfect!! Right after the ceremony we needed to take our family pictures and we have a lot of family. He was great making sure everyone was there and so organized. We had one hour to take family pictures, bridal party pictures and some of just us. I didn’t think it could be done but he did it and the pictures were amazing. Later in the evening we took some sunset photos and all I can say is WOW!!! They were perfect. What made it even better, Jonathan was taking video throughout the day and had it edited the very next day. The BEST wedding video I have ever seen. As a videographer I critique every video I see and there was nothing I could complain about. My wife and I cry every time we watch it. It brings us back to the best day of our lives and Jonathan captured our special day in a way that no one else could have.

We highly recommend Jonathan Roberts. He is a consummate professional and an awesome person. With his quality of work I would have paid him double for what he did for us. If you are shopping for a photographer look no further.”