2013 – My Family

I started Bluephoto 9 years ago. 9 years used to be a very long time for me. Now, it doesn’t seem that long at all. In that time, I met Michelle, had PJ, got married, created a successful business and established a life I’m willing to fight for.

10 years ago I learned about cancer. My mom has cancer. The bad kind. The kind that turns bones into swiss cheese and blood into toxic waste. The kind that requires bone marrow transplants and wheelchairs followed hopefully by walkers and canes for support. The kind that hurts – a lot. And I learned about being aggressive, educated, and how adopting a determined mindset full of hope can change a reality shackled down by it’s 4th grade fatal prognosis. She has a new spine built by surgeons. She is a lot shorter than she used to be. My mom spends 9 months a year on some form of chemo but, she has wonderful relationships with all of her grandkids (4 of which are under the age of 6) and visits them more often than anyone would expect. And some of those visits make her sick….and sometimes she ends up in an ER with grandkid kisses on her cheeks as her body goes into septic shock. I’m sure if you asked her, she would tell you that every one of those little smooches are worth it.

10 years later, she is still here. I can call her on the phone and walk her through the setup menu of her Nikon D3100 camera that she plans to use this spring to take pictures of the hummingbirds, green hills, flowers, new baby Dean’s first steps and Shelby as she marches across the field during next fall’s half time show.

So I celebrate this year. Michelle and I are doing great. Our marriage continues to grow and become stronger. PJ’s health is good and he is a happy, good natured boy that knows about love, jokes, riding bikes and having a good time. And he feels safe and supported.

My mom knows what really matters to her. I’m going to keep what matters to me in sharp focus. And I’m going to protect what I cherish with all that I’ve got.

Thanks Mom!

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