1 Second a Day – 1/2 2014

I started Bluephoto almost 9 years ago. In that time, I met Michelle, started a family, purchased a home and photographed over 300 weddings. My wedding photography business has been outstanding. I am blown away by how quickly my calendar fills each year with amazing couples that all have love stories of their own and who continually embrace me with warm hugs and open hearts. I am so fortunate!

So this Winter, I slowed things down a little. I stopped moving a million miles an hour. I made the decision to try and ignore the insecurities that come with a creative job and see what would happen if I stopped trying so hard. And with that I rode my bike. I rode my bike with PJ to and from school everyday. I dropped him off with his kindergarten teachers each morning and was there to pick him up each afternoon. On average we spend an hour a day riding, playing and talking as we get from our home to his school and back.

Taking a little time to slow down gave me a chance to think. Remembering so many special moments, so many fragments of conversation between my kiddo and I has proven to be impossible. But I try. I decided to take a second of video each day to hopefully remember some of these precious memories. The combined snippets below are almost 6 months worth. I may stop tomorrow or I may keep it going for 10 years, but right now, this exercise is helping me keep in touch with what’s most important. The moments that happen each day. And the creative inspiration continues to be here stronger than ever. This is going to be a tremendous wedding season!

Love your wife. Love your children. Love your life.