1 Second a Day for 1 Year

Thinking back on 2014, my brain spins with so many memories. Focusing in for only a moment, a picture of Lake Arrowhead and the crazy road Janice, Dan and I sprinted up as the sun set over the vast valley below. And then to the music of so many wonderful musicians in Ojai when Mia and David decided to throw a party that lit up the sky and burned up the dance floor. I imagine the worn leather of my Allen Edmond’s as they rhythmically touch down, during and after the “I Do’s.” And it doesn’t take much to think of my wrist that burns with a carpel soreness that requires most of the winter to settle down; however, with each passing year, the memories that I get to be a part of hold increasingly more value. When everything is perfect, smiles sincere, love real – a whisper of magic enters in and for many, life’s difficulties and struggles can be put away. These are the moments that make the memories that make up each wedding day. A chance to be lost in a world where everything is just right is something that I value and cherish.

With December the rains came. I put PJ in my old raincoat and gave him as many Tupperware boats as I could find before sending him to the curb where the current is strongest and the boats can gather the most speed. Our Christmas tree was adorned with new lights this year; LED’s with rechargeable batteries and 10 different varieties of blinking patterns (that make you want to scream when trying to turn the damn things off). Michelle and I are celebrating being together long enough to know that this is really going to stick and we seem to have figured out the algorithm for fixing issues that come up that might keep us from getting what we need to be happy. We are both happy. Thankfully.

My legs are still strong enough to ride my bike as much and as long as time permits. And our family’s health hasn’t been hit with anything new or frustrating or scary. Our kitchen is full of food and dinners are served with vegetables from our local growers and often fish that hasn’t been injected with dye to improve it’s complexion. My wife loves me and tells me almost ever day. My little boy is a shining beacon of purpose, hope, promise and success. And he really loves bacon. And the pictures I take that account for what I see each week are only a small portion of the magic I experience every day. With reverence, devotion, an open heart and optimistic breath, I say, “welcome 2015, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!”

And yes, I did finish my 1 second a day video for 2014. Check it out below.