my Love.

I’ve taken a break from my blog this year. After 6,, 8 years(?) of continual updates and rants I thought maybe I needed to keep my mouth quiet for a little while. And that maybe I’ve said all I had to say.

Until this last weekend.

After last Friday’s wedding, Michelle and I headed off to The Casitas in Arroyo Grande to take 24 hours for ourselves. Up at the Casitas, it’s easy to appreciate your wife, your life and the luxury of letting go with a glass (or three) of vino as you play hours of bocce ball with the love of your life. The Casitas is up a steep hill and away from the noise of cars, people, responsibilities ….and if you turn off your phone, updates of any kind.

Michelle and I have been together for 10 years. We added it up, looked at the dates and were surprised because it really hasn’t felt that long. And it hasn’t been easy. Staying together has taken a leap of faith and a blind determination to work through the non-compatible wedges that can slowly tear into relationships. Fortunately for me and our family, Michelle is a better person than I am. She is determined to make our marriage work. And through her example, I’ve learned what it takes to be a good partner. To be someone that can adapt and give up when needed.

And this weekend we took a break from everything except for what we’ve become together and celebrated a moment to reflect (blah blah…there wasn’t much reflecting…mostly bocce ball, good food, enjoying each other and wine – lets be honest).

There are times when you need to work. There are times when you have to make hard decisions. And there are times to play, laugh, love and accept that no matter what, we only get so many heartbeats and so many opportunities to look at the person we choose to commit too with an open and honest heart.

I love you Michelle.

bocce ball playing at the casitas in arroyo grande

more wine at the casitas in arroyo grande

nice rooms with great views at the casitas in arroyo grande

wine drinking at the casitas in arroyo grande

bed and breakfast at the casitas in arroyo grande