Just a few….

I have a fear, a fear that the emotional highs I’m a part of each week might begin to diminish and fall off. Right now, I book weddings easily; my wife and son are daily sources of pleasure and inspiration; and right now, as always, I’m still riding this wedding photography thing out and crossing my fingers that what is now, might always be. I know that’s more than naive and that really, the only thing I can be certain of is change. But, having these thoughts forces me to be thankful for what is happening today. I’m finishing up an April that brought on 6 big weddings and a big handful of engagement sessions! Today is Tuesday and I’m tired and spent. But, as Friday rolls around, I know I’ll start to get that nervous spark and a renewed anticipation for Saturdays celebration out at the Cliffs Resort!

Below are just a few shots I wanted to share; as these moments are ones I won’t ever forget and will always be thankful for.

20160327-Phu-Larry-Wedding-Facebook-2224-copysan luis obispo wedding and engagement pictures 20151218-Christina-and-Nick-Engagement-Final-Edit-2222-copy 20160409-Christine-and-Frank-Wedding-Facebook-2230-copy DSC_3928-copy Montana-De-Oro-Engagement-2222 Montana-De-Oro-Engagement-2223 None-2222-copy