Brittni and Nick | Central Coast Wedding Photographers

Brittni and Nick will have their Madonna Inn wedding early this spring. I was about to cancel our engagement shoot because of the weather, but Nick and Brittni were totally game for heading out and seeing what we could find. We ended up having a blast walking around downtown San Luis Obispo on this very stormy day.

Kelly and Nick

Kelly, Nick and I had a wonderful time walking and driving around San Luis Obispo and Avila during their …

Johanna and Brian

Last week during “the storm” I had the pleasure of photographing Johanna and Brian. These two are incredible troopers as Johanna was looking for some fun shots to send out with her save the dates. We emailed back and forth a few times as the turned and a three day storm hit California with a ton of rain. I am always looking for an adventure but, I was also aware that a lot of couples are looking for blue skies and lots of pretty sunshine; neither of which were at all available last week. Without hesitation, Johanna and Brian headed up to San Luis Obispo for their engagement shoot. The clouds were extremely dark (even at 3pm) so we did a lot of shooting with my trusty soft box.

Christina and Kellie

Christina and Kellie’s giggling was contagious; I could barely keep the camera steady (thanks guys, geesh!). Anyways, these two lovely ladies are getting hitched at Sycamore Springs this year. They informed me that they are going to have one of the “most traditional, non-traditional weddings” I have ever been to. Sounds like a ton of fun. Their guest list is extensive and I am betting from how sweet they are that they have a ton of totally awesome friends.

Katie and Anthony

Anthony and Katie are now two of my most favorite people ever! Katie has more charisma in her little …

Geneva and Paul

Geneva and Paul are simply too silly! I dropped one of my remotes because they had me cracking up sooo much! A little about these two: Paul and Geneva are married. They had a small wedding a few years ago and decided that they really missed throwing a big bash with all of their friends. So, next month they are planning a Pismo Beach wedding celebration *(basically a huge old party for all of their friends and family). I am so happy for these two as I love to see a couple that truly understands what they have accomplished by keeping their marriage alive and strong! Congratulations – I can’t wait for the festivities to begin!!

Marisela and Gabe

San Luis Obispo Engagement Pictures In Avila Avila is a wonderful location to take both beach engagement pictures as …