Sky and Kyle

Pismo Beach Weddings and Shell Beach Weddings are truly magical. Shore Cliff wedding photographer, Shelter Cove wedding photographer and the Cliffs wedding photographer, Bluephoto, does and incredible job capturing unique sunset wedding pictures of couples on their wedding day.

Jennifer and John

Fresno wedding photographer, Bluephoto did a wonderful job capturing this very unique wedding at the Pelican Point Inn in San Luis Obispo. Fresno wedding photography is tricky because of the fog and bright sunshine and this Fresno wedding photographers understands how to work with these varying elements.

Lydia and Felix

Lydia and Felix had a very intimate Shell Beach wedding close to the Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach with only their immediate family in attendance. I love small weddings that get right down to the root of marriage and the importance of family.

Payton and Makai

Payton and Makai turned 1 year old this week. Payton prefers a strong Syrah with his desserts. Makai isn’t …