The Teagues

I only shoot a handful of family portraits each year. With that said, each winter, Michelle and I have a few friends we really enjoy taking out and catching up with. The Teagues fall into this category. I’ve known Alecia and Kevin for quite a few years now (when it was just them and their King Charles Cavalier named Lucy). Now they are a complete family with Calliope, Becket and a new little one just about to introduce him/her-self.

The Teagues will forever hold a special place in my heart as they were some of the first that urged me to take my photography to the next level (Kevin even built my first website). I am forever grateful to Kevin and Alecia for helping sculpt the idea that has become Bluephoto and for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Kevin and Alecia, I wish you continued happiness and joy with each passing year.

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san luis obispo photographersLaguna Lake in San Luis Obispo is gorgeous this time of year.

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san luis obispo photographyThe fields and grass around San Luis Obispo turn green as soon as we have rain. So far this year we have had two huge storms and the landscape is thriving!

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san luis obispo photographersIf you are a San Luis Obispo photographer, you must take advantage of the gorgeous evening light found at Laguna Lake.

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