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I photographed Emily and Jimmy a few weeks ago. Check out the rest of their engagement shoot: HERE. The pictures below are from the film I received back from my lab earlier this week. The film portion of the image collection provides an entirely different look when compared to the digital files. During the shoot, the lighting was vibrant and colorful. Because of this I decided to use a film stock that would create a soft pastel look. In contrast to the fully vibrant and super colorful digital images, the shots below are a soft and sweet addition to the collection. I find it fascinating that I sometimes prefer the pictures captured on film and other times I prefer the digitally captured ones. I love that I have the option to choose!

You can compare for yourself by checking out the rest of Emily and Jimmy’s engagement shoot: HERE.

Camera: Mamiya 645AF, 80 2.8 Lens, Fuji 400H Film. More: HERE.

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

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