Kelly and Nick | The Cliffs Resort Wedding Photography

I really enjoy being a Cliffs Resort wedding photographer as the hotel is great for wedding photography. The Cliffs Resort has a gorgeous grass lawn where wedding ceremonies take place and the stairway down to the ocean is perfect for sunset pictures. I’ve even found a little grassy field close to The Cliffs that provides a wonderful backdrop for more wedding pictures.

Kelly and Nick had an intimate wedding with many close friends and family. I was struck by how sincerely they love each other. It was obvious that they have a bond that only comes from taking it slow and working through life together. I was honored to be chosen to capture the moments that happened during their wedding day.

Kelly and Nick are obviously best friends. It is important to be best friends with your spouse. Michelle and I continue to grow because we have each other to keep us in check. If I’m struggling and need to be slapped around or set straight, she is right there to do it. In the same way, I am there to (gently) talk to her about whatever it is she is working through :). A best friend is hard to come by and when your best friend is also your spouse, this is a special relationship.

Kelly and Nick, you are a beautiful couple, an inspiration and a perfect match. I wish for you a life of happiness and adventure.

Melissa from Kramer Entertainment setup the reception lighting and kept things rolling all night. Anna from The Cliffs was there to make sure everything ran super smooth (as it always does at The Cliffs). Sheri Hereford officiated and April Flowers provided the lovely displays and floral arrangements.

If you missed it, you can find Kelly and Nick’s engagement pictures: HERE.

The Cliffs Resort Wedding

The Cliffs Resort Wedding Photography

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