Today, tomorrow and a few days ago.

Last week I handed Payton a carrot and he said, “go away bug!” Today, I was sitting at my computer and he said, “Payton eat bug!” I’m thinking Payton is about due to try some carrots again.

This is one of the last weekends I have off until late October so, we are headed out to see my parents. My Mom has been pretty sick the last few years fighting cancer and is currently in the middle of a 9 month round of chemo which is keeping her house-bound and often restless. Michelle and I will be bring our bikes and plan on doing a really cool ride up in the Sierras (HERE) on Saturday. I can’t wait!

Cameras: Mamiya 645AF, 80 2.8 Lens, Fuji 800Z Film & my little LOMO LC-A+, Ilford HP5 Plus 400 BW Film. More: HERE.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography

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