San Luis Obispo County Events Ordinance

CABO also includes farmers, ranchers, and other landowners who own agricultural land directly targeted by the proposed ordinance, as well as owners of other rural or residential properties (e.g., B&Bs) that might be indirectly affected by this or subsequent similar proposals.

CABO is open to all County residents or other interested parties who oppose the Planning Commission’s proposed ordinance.

The Proposed Events Ordinance is ill-advised, especially at this critical juncture in the economic cycle of our County.

The ordinance would harm the County’s vital and burgeoning wedding industry, creating ripple effects throughout related businesses and the County-wide economy.

Much-needed wedding tourism and agri-tourism dollars would be siphoned away from SLO County by neighboring, wedding-friendly counties, costing the County significant revenues, job losses, and further stagnating our local economy.